Tulasi :

The sacred Tulasi we use comes directly from the holy places of Vrindavan and Radhakund ( India). The Tulasi beads are made by the best craftsmen in ancient tradition of carving and polished with bee’s wax to give them a shine. Our Tulasi beads are not artificially dyed and we obtain an array of shades of brown immersion in mustard oil.


Rudraksha :

Our Rudrakasha comes form the Holy town of Vrindavan and Rishikesh. It is a natural seed and comes in various sizes and colors.


Rosewood and Sandalwood :

Our woods are all natural and come from Vrindavan as well. The quality is medium to high and the fragrance is distinctive.


Sterling Silver :

The Silver beads is 92,5% Sterling silver and are made in Rajasthan. for most they are hand made and assembled.



Our Brass is all made in Rajasthan , mainly in the old Gypsy traditional way.


Gem Stones:

The stones are high quality Gem stones from Rajasthan , they are clear stones or raw , all natural and not reconstituted. Many of them are hand facetted to bring the shine out of the bead.

We use cotton and jute thread on Malas and  “Parachute” thread and “Tiger tail” on necklaces


We hand pick all material myself to insure the best quality, authenticity and traceability of the products.