Tulasi Maharani Jewellery was born in Vrindavan India in 2005. In those days we could only find simple Tulasi wood necklaces or as Silver chain,so the idea was to present a new way of wearing Tulasi and develop an elegant line of handcrafted jewellery around Tulasi so that all can benefit from wearing Tulasi. We started with only a few items and eventually developed a whole collection line.

My name is Govinda Priya, I grew up within the Hare Krishna movement and was lucky enough to have access to the Indian heritage Culture and Arts from a very young age, travelling to India with my parent to visit beautiful Pilgrimage destinations such as Vrindavan in U.P , Mayapur in Bengal , Puri in Orissa.

After graduating in Design and Fine Arts at the University of La Sorbonne( Paris) ; I moved to India to study various form of Arts from Music (Hindustani Classical) to dancer (Kathak) to Jewellery making. I familiarised myself with jewellery making in Rajasthan with the idea of creating something unique and different with Tulasi’s sacred wood.

I choose all the Tulasi , Stones, Sterling Silver and Brass myself and most of our beads are carved by hand. I buy directly from the Tulasi wood carvers in Radhakund and Vrindavan to insure the best crafted beads.

I give a unique look to each necklace, trying many combination to achieve something very special , often influenced by Tribal or Royal Rajasthani jewellery work, Mangal Sutras, Meditation Malas but also Native American Jewellery , Tibetan Jewellery or Christian Rosaries. Anything that holds meaning as well as beauty is an inspiration to me.

I feel happy being able to design for a living but even more with Sacred items that keep me connected to my home of many year, Vrindavan.